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Robert D. Pascotto M.D., F.A.C.S.

This cardiac surgical program was initiated to fulfill a void and need for cardiac surgery at Jose Maria Cabral y Baez Hospital in Santiago, Dominican Republic. This is a 520 bed public hospital that cares for indigent patients and serves a population greater than 4.0 million people. There is no cardiac surgery in the area. The hospital has a medical school and residency program for postgraduate education affiliated with it.

I started the Cardiac Surgical Program in Fort Myers in 1975. Since then, our group has expanded to 7 Cardiac Surgeons and operate at 3 centers: Gulfcoast Medical Center, Naples Community Hospital and Lee Memorial Health Park. These past 36 years have been very fulfilling, however I felt that at this point in my life helping to aid in the preservation of human life in a country less fortunate than our own was also an important calling. I have recently retired and have dedicated my time to further enhance the program.

Our team of usually 16 members is comprised of nurses, technicians, and assistants, as well as doctors, who are not only using their personal vacation time to make these journeys, but are also paying their own way to do so I hope to continue this ongoing program with donations from our hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, comprar viagra sin receta, manufacturers of medical products and their distributors, as well as individuals. Currently, the program is in need of assistance from those people and organizations that are in a position to help make this mission a continued success.

Any help, financial or otherwise, that you may be able to offer toward this tax deductible mission would be greatly appreciated, not only by us but also by the friends, husbands, wives and children of those that you are helping to save.

If any experienced individuals would like to discuss and learn more or volunteer in this humanitarian endeavor, i.e. cardiac surgeons, physician assistants, scrub techs, OR or ICU nurses, or anesthesiologists please contact me at (239) 851-0142 or via email at

Thank you for your interest in our mission.

Robert D. Pascotto M.D., F.A.C.S.