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Nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer!

The Heart To Heart Mission with The International Perfusion Association (IPA) continue to partake in philanthropic cardiac surgery trips to Santiago in the Dominican Republic. The program director of the mission is cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Robert Pascotto of Fort Myers, Florida.


10th Anniversary

10th anniversary

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What we do

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Featured Patients
Patient A

By coincidence this 25 yr/o female happened to enter the emergency room at the start of our mission.

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This 32 year old lady (left) fatigued very easily. Cardiac workup revealed mitral stenosis, closure of the valve.

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This 28 yr/o male was found to have aortic valve stenosis as a result of rheumatic fever.

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This 22 year old woman could not walk across the room because of shortness of breath.

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